Firepay Casinos

Firepay is the most popular online deposit option for casino players. It works like an online debit card and is very convenient. Players can simply deposit money into a Firepay account, and use the funds to purchase credits to play at online casinos and other services.



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Opening a Firepay account is fast, easy and totally free. Usually within 5 minutes. Firepay is available to residents of the U.S. and Canada.



No more waiting. You don't have to wait for funds to be transferred because Firepay deposits are instant. So you can access your funds right away. And you will never get a rejected transaction like from the bank or credit card purchases. The only charge occurring on a Firepay account is when you a Firepay account via bank deposit.



One of the advantages of using Firepay is that many online casinos offer extra 10% to 15% Deposit Bonus every time you deposit money into your casino account using the Firepay service as their preferred depositing method. You can also receive unlimited payouts greater than the amount you deposited into your Firepay account.


Firepay also provides statements detailing all your transactions in order for you to track your purchases.



Firepay offers 24/7 friendly support via toll- free phone, email, fax, and mail that will answer all your questions and needs with your Firepay account. No wonder why Firepay is the preferred online purchase method by choice.

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